VALL Fresh Holic (Lake-Blue Square)

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VALL Fresh Holic
Oiliness Removal + Massage + Pore Care (All-In-One)

Enjoy a silky, matte complexion throughout the day with the VALL Fresh Holic.

This revolutionary beauty tool helps quickly remove excess oil from your face to get rid of that greasy shine. Carefully carved from volcanic stone, this super-absorbent sphere instantly draws oil, sebum, and dirt out of your skin while leaving your makeup perfectly intact. The compact, pocket-size design lets you pop it in your handbag for a hassle-free touch-up anytime you want.

Just roll the VALL Fresh Holic on your skin to remove oil and dirt easily, and make your skin oily-shine-free. Bye-bye unnecessary oil and sebum!

✅ Prevents oil & dirt from clogging up your pores
✅ Prevents acne flared up
✅ Far infrared massage effect. Feels like a relaxing, gentle massage for your skin
✅ Anti-Stress
✅ The ultra-fine pores of the natural stone absorbs oil instantly
✅ Reduces Skin Pores
✅ Hypoallergenic and Natural Materials
✅ Anti-bacterial and Deodorizing effect
✅ Prevent skin trouble under the mask
✅ Washable and reusable. Reduces the use of wasteful blotting paper/tissue
✅ Makeup stays all day

👉 SGS (Standard Global Services)
☑️ Skin Non Irritation Test

☑️ Water & Oil Absorption Rate Test

☑️ Antibacterial Test
☑️ Deodorization Test
☑️ Far Infrared Emissivity Test

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