Vall Fresh Holic volcanic ion stone ball has been tested and certified on its different capabilities as a product. The following certifications prove that Vall Fresh Holic is legit and true to its promise product.  

Absorption Test Certificate

Absorption Test Certificate which tests Vall Fresh Holic’s product to absorb.

Anti-Bacterial Test Certificate

Anti-Bacterial Test Certificate which tests Vall Fresh Holic’s anti-bacterial property. This is to see whether it is safe for use multiple times in the skin and to check if bacteria stays in the product. Vall Fresh Holic volcanic ion stone ball has an anti-bacterial property so users will not have to worry about bacteria growing and staying in the product.

VALL Fresh Holic Hypoallergenic Test Result

Hypoallergenic Test Certificate

Hypo-Allergenic Test Certificate is a certificate that proves that Vall Fresh Holic is a hypoallergenic product. You don’t have to worry if you have sensitive skin because Vall Fresh Holic assures you that they are very gentle on the skin and will not cause any harmful effects.

Far Infrared Test Certificate

Far Infrared Test Certificate proves how much Vall Fresh Holic can help in your blood circulation by its far-infrared function. This function can help with skin elasticity.

VALL Fresh Holic is an All-In-One Beauty Tool

This means that all the benefits it can bring to your skin are compacted into one small product which you can bring everywhere. But what are the benefits of this beauty tool?

Simple Pore Care

Vall Fesh Holic cleanses your pores when you roll Vall Fresh Holic gently to your skin and absorbs unnecessary excess oil, dirt, and sweat.

Reduces Skin Pores

Cleaning your face with Vall Fresh Holic protects your skin and prevents bacteria to grow in it. The anti-bacterial and far-infrared technology of Vall Fresh Holic prevents your skin from having an acne breakout.

Prevents Acne Flared Up

VALL Fresh Holic protects your skin by cleaning your pores and preventing the growth of bacteria because of it’s anti-bacterial and far-infrared function. This unique features of VALL prevents your skin from having pimple or acne breakout.


The volcanic ion stone ball of Vall Fresh Holic generates far-infrared that promotes blood circulation through massage. This can help in promoting skin elasticity as well.

Anti-Bacterial and Deodorizing Function

Use Vall Fresh Holic to your skin to deodorize and kill any bacteria on your face.

Hypoallergenic and Natural Materials

Vall Fresh Holic is made from 100% natural material and is tested and certified to be hypoallergenic. Enjoy the benefits of Vall Fresh Holic even if you have sensitive skin.

Compact Size and Luxurious Design

You don’t have to worry about it being bulky in your bag. With its compact size, you can easily bring it anywhere. VALL Fresh Holic’s design is so luxurious that it can add an expensive vibe to your beauty products.

Skin Trouble Under Mask

Using VALL Fresh Holic can help you eliminate the bacteria formed in your face because of using the mask.


Rolling Vall Fresh Holic around your face can have a soothing effect that can help you relax.

Oil, Sweat and Dirt Absorption

Vall Fresh Holic is mainly for Oil, sweat, and dirt absorption. The product is created to take out all the excess oil that you have on your face.

Smoothen and Freshen Skin

  • VALL Fresh Holic can give your skin that fresh and matte look without putting in too much product. By just rolling this tool on your face, all the dirt, sweat, and oil will clean up.

No Makeup Smudging

By cleaning all the excess oil you have on your face, your make-up will not smudge.

To use this revolutionary beauty tool, simply roll VALL Fresh Holic onto your face. Focus on the area where it is oily so that it can absorb the excess oil on that part. Roll it on your T-Zone or U-Zone.

VALL Sphere How To Use 03
VALL Sphere TZone


Use it in your T-zone to remove the excess sebum from all the sebaceous glands there.

VALL Sphere UZone


Use it on your U-zone to relax your face with the movement of rolling VALL Fresh Holic in the face.

You can use it before and after applying make-up.

Before applying Make-up

Using it before applying make-up can give you benefits. Make-up will stay longer with a mattified finish. And it cannot be removed easily when you are wearing your mask.


After putting a Make-up

Using it after putting a make-up will help you not to smudge your make-up no matter how thick it is. Oily face and sweat can cause smudge and cakey finish in make-up which can be avoided when using VALL Fresh Holic.


VALL Sphere Inclusions 01

When you buy the product there is 2 volcanic ion stone ball inside the container. The other volcanic ion stone ball is your spare once you have maximized the use of the other ball.

Yes, Vall fresh Holic is a reusable product. The volcanic ion stone ball is reusable up to 180 times or can last up to 3 months if used twice daily. With its anti-bacterial property, you don’t have to worry about bacteria building up in the product because bacteria cannot grow on the stone ball.

And since the product already contains two stone balls inside the container, one container can last you up to 6 months of use. Which is get your money’s worth.

Regular cleaning of the stone ball is also needed for hygiene purposes. Clean your volcanic ion stone ball after using it twice or thrice or whenever it is filled with oil or dirt already.

VALL Sphere How to clean it 02

To clean the volcanic ion stone, simply wash it with flowing water, and or with cleansing foam, and let it dry.

VALL Sphere How to clean it 01

Or if it is not as filled with oil, you can simply wipe it with wipe tissue and let it dry.


  • Vall Fresh Holic is designed for personal use and should not be shared with others.
  • Please keep the product out of reach of infants or children as it can be a choking hazard for them.
  • Do not use the product on the skin with scars, burns, or swelling.
  • Be careful to bump the product with a hard object, as this may cause breakage.
  • Clean your Vall Fresh Holic regularly to avoid building up contaminants.
* Please note that there is a risk of damage if the ball is washed for more than 5 minutes and exposed to water for a long time

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COD (Cash-On-Delivery)

VALL Sphere Cash On Delivery 01

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COD (Cash-On-Delivery) means, ORDER NOW PAY LATER. You order first then you will pay the ordered item upon delivery. This includes the item price and the delivery fee (unless it’s FREE SHIPPING).

COD (Cash-On-Delivery), is a payment solution to protect the buyer from scammers. WORRY-FREE!

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COP (Cash-On-Pickup)

VALL Sphere LBC Branch Pickup 01

COP (Cash-On-Pickup) is another option if ever your location is out-of-delivery zone of any courier or the courier do not deliver to your area.

With this option, you will pay the total amount of your order and the shipping fee upon pickup to the LBC branch.

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Non-returnable items include incorrect products purchased and damaged products through customer mishandling.

Returns made without receipt may be refused. VALL Fresh Holic (Gideon300 Online Services) reserves the right to deny any return.

What if the item(s) I received is/are defective/damaged?

Please contact our Customer Support Team to start the return process. Please include the following information:

– Order number
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In some cases, you may be required to include a video or photo of the defective/damage product for proof in order to refund or replace the product.

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