Simple Pore Care

VALL Fresh Holic cares to your skin pores! It cleanses your skin pores by rolling the VALL gently to your skin and absorbs unnecessary excess oil, dirt and sweat.

Reduces Skin Pores

Cleansing your skin with VALL Fresh Holic leads to reducing your skin pores and smoothens your skin

Prevents Acne Flared Up

VALL Fresh Holic protects your skin by cleaning your pores and preventing the growth of bacteria because of it’s anti-bacterial and far-infrared function. This unique features of VALL prevents your skin from having pimple or acne breakout.


The volcanic ion stone ball of VALL Fresh Holic generates far-infrared and promotes blood circulation through a massaging effect. It helps with enhancing skin elasticity as well

Anti-Bacterial and Deodorizing Function

VALL Fresh Holic volcanic ion stone ball is tested and certified anti-bacterial. Bacteria doesn’t grow in it. Using VALL to your skin kills the bacteria and deodorizes your skin

Hypoallergenic and Natural Materials

VALL Fresh Holic is made of 100% natural materials and it is tested and certified hypoallergenic, with this you can enjoy using VALL to your skin regardless of your skin type and worry-free

Compact Size and Luxurious Design

VALL Fresh Holic is perfectly designed to fit into your bags or pockets. It is suitable to be carried around anywhere and to be used anytime. The luxurious design is inspired with the view of the pillars of parthenon and a lipstick.

Skin Trouble Under Mask

Worry no more. Using VALL Fresh Holic before and after using a mask protects your skin around the mouth from bacteria and viruses caused by using a mask for an extended time and makes your skin smooth and fresh anytime and anywhere.


Rolling the VALL Fresh Holic gently to your skin circulates your blood flow, freshens up your skin, gives you worry-free feeling from having skin problem because of it’s anti-bacterial and deodorizing function, the soothing massage effect to your facial muscles and smoothens up your skin. These benefits from using VALL would really removes your stress from your daily routine

Oil, Sweat and Dirt Absorption

VALL Fresh Holic is tested and certified with it’s absorption capability. Rolling the VALL to your face gently removes unnecessary oil, sweat and dirt to your skin and makes your skin radiant and gives you fresh looking skin

Smoothen and Freshen Skin

Cleansing your skin with VALL Fresh Holic smoothens your skin pores and freshens up your skin

No Makeup Smudging

Even when wearing thick makeup, VALL Fresh Holic cleanses your skin by absorbing excess oil and sweat to your face without worrying cakey makeup or smudges 

Also, by using VALL before wearing makeup, makes your makeup stays longer to your face and not easily be removed by wearing a face mask 

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